Florida’s family-friendly farm attractions have geared up to provide the best experienced for kids, youngsters, and seniors. Budding farmers get a hands-on experience on farming activities at Countryside Citrus Farm Park. This exposure can impart invaluable academic knowledge for young minds. If you love the family vibe and value family time, then Countryside Citrus is the right place for you to be. Enjoy some of the farm fun activities florida farm offers with your family now!

About Country Family Farm

From the name itself, you can guess this farm is one of the very few farms that still retain their family traditions. There are very few family-run groves in Florida, and most of them have been taken over by corporate companies or sold to construct new housing properties. However, Countryside Citrus have been able to save their family business from the clutches of the growing global economy. They grow and nurture the fruit with the utmost care and love and deliver the best quality fruits to you. If you are looking for some field trips florida has, look no further than Countryside Citrus. Spend some quiet and serene family time at their farms. They have everything you’d want – fruit patches, flower patches, fun activities for kids, corn maze, and so much more! Support one of the few family-run local farms by visiting them and enjoy all the activities at a negligible fee!


Strawberry Patches

Countryside Farms has large strawberry patches where they grow fresh and juicy strawberries for you! You can go the strawberry patches with your kids and pick them up yourself. Not only will you have a fun time, but this is also an excellent opportunity to teach your kids to respect food and nature and show them the necessity of hard work.

Colorful Flower Patches

If you are wondering where some beautiful flower patches near me are, visit the Countryside Citrus. They have large fields of various beautiful flowers that you can come and pick with your family. The bright colors and the sweet smell of the flowers will put you in awe.


Take A Field Trip

If you are in Florida, then you can take your kids or your class to a field trip Countryside Farms. Spend a day in the sun and fresh air experience the quiet and peaceful farms on holiday.


Fall Festival

The fall festival is an excellent opportunity to visit the beautiful golden corn maze florida has. Visit the farm and explore the corn maze with a guide. You can even explore at night with a flashlight!


Fun Activities for Kids

The Countryside Farms offers many fun activities for your kids that they will have no time to rest! There are jumping pillow, duck races, rat rollers, barnyard ball zone, hayrides, and a lot more activities that your kids won’t want to leave! Try out the delicious home-grown food they offer too!


Contact the Countryside Citrus now for more information!

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